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Preparing for your visit to NIH



  • What will I be doing during the visits?
MEG   MRI   north atrium   OP4 door   TMS  
  • What do I need to bring for my visits?
    • Adolescents with ASD should bring a parent/guardian to each visit and bring documentation of a clinical diagnosis of ASD to the first visit.
  • What should I wear for my visit?
    • Please wear comfortable clothes. Since the visits involve MRI and MEG, which are sensitive to metal, you will be asked to change into scrubs during those procedures. Please do not wear any metal jewelry or anything that you would not feel comfortable removing from your body and leaving in a locker.
  • What should I eat/drink before my visit?
    • Please drink plenty of water and eat something before your visit. Please do not drink alcohol within 48 hours of your visit or excessive amounts of caffeine (more than your typical consumption).
  • Can I take my medications before my visit?
    • Yes! Please take any regular medication at the prescribed time. If you are prescribed any new medications or take something every once in a while, please tell the study team if you took it before coming for your visit.
  • Will I get paid for my time?
    • Yes!
      Pay per session is as follows:
      • Baseline Sessions (may take up to 4 visits to complete): $250
      • Remaining Sessions (each only one visit): $125 (per visit)
      If you are unable to finish the study, you will receive compensation for the parts you completed.

      With few exceptions, study compensation is considered taxable income that is reportable to the Internal Review Service (IRS). A "Form 1099-Other Income" will be sent to you if your total payments for research participation are $600 or more in a calendar year. If you have unpaid debt to the federal government, please be aware that some or all of your compensation may be automatically reduced to repay that debt on your behalf.
      This study does not offer reimbursement for, or payment of, travel, lodging or meals.
  • Anything else I should do to prepare for my visit?
    • Get a good night’s sleep! Plan accordingly to get to campus and your appointment on time. Please understand that your study visit involves coordinating multiple people’s schedules and equipment reservations, so please let us know if you know you’ll be running late or need to reschedule.